Jesus Christ: A personal relationship with Jesus is the center of everything we do and believe. He is the only way to God and the only way to be saved.

Community: People aren’t meant to be alone. We are intentional about building a community that cultivates personal responsibility and fulfills Jesus’ command to love one another.

Passionate Spirituality: We value a passionate and Spirit-filled expression of worship, prayer, and ministry, as modeled by Jesus and His first followers.

Governance: A team of elders is God’s way of guiding the church. Our church is governed locally, and connected to a larger network that provides support and oversight.

Multi-Ethnic Community: We want our church to look like heaven, made up of every tribe, language, and race. We work to make our church free from bigotry and bias where people from many cultures feel at home.

Honesty & Authenticity: We value honesty and authenticity with God and people. We are committed to keeping our church free from gossip. We talk to people, not about them.

Social Justice: God has called his people to work for justice. We respond to that call by advocating for the abused, neglected, oppressed, hated, forgotten, enslaved, and unborn.

World Missions: God wants every person on the planet to know Him personally, and we are a part of helping that happen. In addition to going on mission trips, we give ten percent of our regular income to global and home missions.

Excellence & Relevance: We dedicate ourselves to excellence in all we do, both to honor God and inspire people. Our music, arts, and environment are designed to connect with the people God has called us to serve.

Family Life: We are committed to nurturing healthy families. A busy church shouldn’t get in the way of family, so we purpose to make our church a safe place where families thrive.

The Bible: The Bible teaches us who God is and how He wants us to live.  The Bible is both accurate and true, and we do our best to understand it the same way the first followers of Jesus did.

The Kingdom of God: We aren’t here to promote our own agenda or make ourselves look good. We coach, activate, and send people to advance God’s Kingdom on Earth.