We aren’t here to promote our own agenda or make ourselves look good.We are Kingdom-minded. We coach, activate, and send people to advance God’s Kingdom on Earth.

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CHris Stup

Chris Stup is our lead pastor. He and Nikki first came to GCC in 2007 and were married later that year. After a season in Colorado, they returned to Roanoke in late 2008. Chris came on staff in 2010, became a licensed assistant pastor in 2012, and was ordained as associate pastor in 2014. In the fall of 2016 he was installed as lead pastor. He obtained both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from James Madison University. After many years of struggling with infertility and loss, their son, Greyson, was born in February of 2014. Their daughter, Langley, was then born in March 2017.


Christian Ashworth

Christian Ashworth is our Director of Youth and Worship. Christian has been intensively involved in youth and worship ministry since 2010, volunteering in local churches, youth camps, and outreach programs in southwest Virginia. Christian confidently attributes much of his success to his more talented and more beautiful wife Casey. She brings an anointed dynamic to the couple’s ministry. Casey assists with various ministries at GCC and also oversees some of our media and communications. This power couple tied the knot June 13th, 2015 and are currently living happily ever after.


Erin Rajaniemi

Erin Rajaniemi is our Director of gccKiDS! She met her husband, Ian, while she was a nanny in college and has been a part of our GCC family since early 2012. She was on staff for our summer youth camp from 2012-2014 and also served as a volunteer in our nursery from 2012-2016. She is the assistant manager at Zales and also tutors homeschooled students. She has been a tutor since 2008 and feels that God has given her a talent and heart for caring for His children. Erin is also the founder and coach of our GCC softball team, "The Avengers." Erin is always smiling and will tell you that Jesus is the reason for her joy.


Marlene Ferriera

Marlene Ferreira is our Director of Pastoral Care.  She came to GCC in 2002 and led a small group for a few years until she became full time care giver for two of our elderly members.  Marlene obtained her Bachelor's in Theology (BA) part time while working as a teller in a bank and she obtained her Advanced Bachelor's in Theology (BTh) full time while at seminary.  Both degrees were obtained at the University of the Free State in South Africa from 1985 to 1993.  She was ordained and licensed as a pastor in South Africa in 1995 where she pastored for 2 years.  As a senior leader, she had oversight of an elderly care center and provided pastoral care for the congregation.  Because of her South African accent, her friends are convinced that she talks funny.


Tobi Somorin is the Administrative Coordinator at GCC. She and her husband Olu originally hail from beautiful Nigeria. They were married in 2006 and have two sons, Eri and Ari. She is constantly amazed by God's awesome grace. Her favorite thing to do is watch the boys play together.