We support the work of Matt & Stephanie Kramm in Thailand. The Kramms are working with the Thai government and NGOs to combat the sex-trafficking of at-risk children in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We support the work of Preston and Ella Shaw in Kazakhstan. The Shaws founded a coffee shop that is a hub of activity for the 30 and under crowd in their city.

We support the work of Sergeja Slankovic. Her work in Slovenia includes meeting with and mentoring teenagers.

We support the work of Bill and Trish Kinkle, who work with inner city kids, teens, and addicts through a local church in Philadelphia.


Our members have served on teams traveling to the following countries for various aid, relief, and ministry initiatives:

Ireland, Spain, Haiti, Southern Sudan, Eastern Congo, Kenya, Yemen, Russia, Costa Rica, India, China, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Thailand, Canada, and Cameroon.


Some of the people in GCC's medical community have served on overseas mission trips that included a medical focus. We want to see more rise up and use their gifts in this way.

We also support the work of Kent and Mary Alice Martin in England. The Martins work with Betel Ministries providing shelter and recovery to those with drug and alcohol addictions.


In addition to sending many of our own members as local and international missionaries, we give 10% of our normal offering to fund missionary work. We are absolutely committed to reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus.


In addition to our international relief efforts, we also have a regular offering for those in our community who are facing financial hardship. This is called the Left Hand Fund. 


In addition to the causes listed above, GCC ROA also emphatically supports these additional causes. If you are personally involved in these causes, please let us know!

Human Dignity
We support the right to life for the elderly, disabled, and unborn. We support honor and respect for all people, regardless of race, gender, age, nationality, political affiliation, or sexual lifestyle. That doesn't mean we support your politics or your sexual lifestyle, but we don't feel the need to agree with people before we honor and respect them.

Redemptive Justice
We support justice for the oppressed, and redemption for the oppressor.

It's no secret that American mothers have a better track record than American fathers. We want to change that, starting with our own homes. We support living a sustainable lifestyle that gives you space as a father to invest in your children.

Human Trafficking
We live at a time in which there are more slaves than ever before, and the cost of owning another human being is lower than ever before. The vast majority of these slaves are female, and are sold into the sex industry. We support the complete eradication of this trade, and the rehabilitation of those communities that are particularly affected by it.


Without Jesus, all our causes become nothing more than religious do-gooding. Our work in these causes are not merely inspired by Jesus — they are His continuing work in the world. We pursue justice because God already loves justice. We serve because Jesus is the ultimate servant. He is the source of our love-in-action.